20 May 2016

Mother and child

These days there are lots of big emotions on display around our house.  School is ending for the summer next week -- change is afoot.  Wyatt's feelings swing between telling me "you're the best mom in the whole world" to accusing me of "totally ruining my plans" and "making me tear-stained for 42,000 years." 

This morning, prior to ruining his life for the first time today, here's what was delivered to me, accompanied by dozens of kisses and declarations of love . . .

Me (left) and Wyatt (right) holding Valentines for each other.

15 May 2016

May garden update

Today's clouds and coolness notwithstanding, you would think that summer has arrived here in Seattle.  My garden is going crazy and our own strawberry harvest has begun.  It was just last spring that we finished the front yard landscaping.  This spring it is great to see it all grown in.  The May colors are all purples, yellows and whites. 

 Over Mother's Day weekend, Byron and Wyatt helped me update the vegetable garden in the back yard.  They helped take out a rotting raised bed, remove the soil, and create a cedar-chip-covered area to accommodate a table in the garden.  Now we have a garden "studio" -- for projects, art, and eating popsicles on hot days.