16 August 2016

A week in Seattle

I'm still catching up with things that happened in June.  It's just been that kind of summer I suppose. 
While I don't try to document life in every detail, I do try to save pictures and stories so I can better remember all we saw, what we did and with whom we did it during warm and sunny glorious months of summer in the Northwest. As you may recall, we road-tripped from Bozeman to Seattle and then spent a very fun week playing and eating and doing fun touristy Seattle things with Jill and Sadie . . . and Mark too when he could play.

Of course, we love to eat together.  We hosted our annual summer dinner on the deck (often in celebration of and on the day of Sadie's birthday but earlier this year).  Sadie's grandma from nearby Elkhorn joined us, as did my sister and her husband.  No birthday cake this year, but we managed to bust out some berries and ice cream to put on the pound cake.

We ate at the Space Needle, too.  That was more of a pre-August birthday celebration lunch for Sadie. 

We visited Seattle Center again via the Monorail and took in the Lego art exhibit and shot water guns at the Pacific Science Center, and ate wood-fired bagels at the Armory.  We like to eat.

We attended a Mariners-winning baseball game and roamed around Safeco Field, shared a day at Woodland Park Summer Co-op, and Sadie and I got manicures. Ali the dog took up residence under our Japanese maple in the front yard, watching our comings and goings all week.  On Friday, our guests headed back to Montana to prep for a July road trip of their own.  Can't wait 'till they visit again.


06 August 2016

Found in the front yard

This week I snapped a few pictures of what the front garden looks like at the moment. August is the month when "tired" seems to be the word that describes how my plants usually look. Despite this trend, I am particularly enamored with all the gold and burgundy flowers and foliage that August brings. My dahlias, after pinching them back in June, are looking better than ever.

never tire of puttering around to water and harvest...there's something about being in my garden that just makes me happy.