06 October 2015

Lopez Island in September

I'm so glad we made a point of going camping in September this year.  We camped at Odlin County Park on Lopez Island for a few nights with some of our favorite people.  It was a bit chilly, but that just meant that the breakfast oatmeal and hot drinks tasted extra good to everyone.

As it turned out, we had many campfires, our own little beach, pit toilets (ugh) and many sightings of ferries, deer, and kingfishers.  While we were on the island, we explored the small village and hiked around Shark Reef Sanctuary and Spencer Spit State Park.  We found a good coffee shop, too.  Byron thinks it's a place we should visit again soon, and I tend to agree. 



Four afternoons

Although we have a few mom-and-wyatt mornings every week, I have no kid to hang out with four afternoons a week now.  Mid September Wyatt started up cooperative preschool again, this year in the 4/5s class.  So far, it seems to be good for both of us. He looks forward to seeing his friends every day and is usually adequately worn out by 4 p.m. when I pick him up.

I have two afternoons a week to devote to my legal practice, plus one afternoon for myself.  The other coop day is my "work day," which means I'm at preschool too -- helping in the classroom (or like last week, driving to Oxbow Farms for a field trip).

We've settled into a pretty good rhythm of school and a predictable weekday schedule, which now includes a bit of work for me.  Unlike when I began this blog, I am not, strictly-speaking, taking a career intermission any longer.  More about that soon . . .

For now, here are a few pictures from lately -- some of our mornings together and afternoons apart.

Hanging out at Oxbow Farms on our preschool field trip.
Wyatt and his French teacher, Miss Effie.
The Straw Maze at Swansons is fairly empty in the mornings.
Coffee and croissants at a local coffee shop.