21 December 2016

Solstice 2016: More light

It only gets brighter from here on out. The turning point. The pivot. The stopping. Tonight is the Solstice, and for me, perhaps even more than New Year's, it marks a new beginning -- literally and figuratively. It is literally the start of less night and more day. It is also the beginning of the next cycle of growth.

Tonight we celebrated with a meal we often make on Solstice -- fondue. Then, a first, we opened a gift to our family -- something we will all enjoy together in the coming year: a programmable robot named Sprk+.  Well, some of us will enjoy it more than others, let's be honest.

We also wandered the neighborhood admiring the extraordinary holiday lights. And we stopped in at a neighbor's Solstice party -- complete with bonfire and toddys.

I know more holidays are yet to come, but this one is quickly becoming my favorite, for its quietness, its focus on warmth and light, and for how it links us to the observances that humans have been making for millennia. Here comes the sun.

19 December 2016

Solstice 2016: Twinkle

There's nothing I love more at the darkest time of the year than small lights everywhere -- holiday or otherwise. Seattle seems particularly well-lit during the winter months, which makes all the darkness actually something to enjoy.

18 December 2016

Solstice 2016: Together

No, we don't have snow. This picture was taken at least a couple years ago at the park up the hill from our house. But this weekend did afford the opportunity to pick up some used Nordic skis and boots for Wy so that all three of us will have gear to do some playing in the snow soon. Now that he's almost six, he says he wants to give it a try.  So next week, we'll be heading to the snow for some cross-country skiing.

And speaking of new things and our local park, today we spent some time helping Wy practice bike riding. He has kind of ignored his bike for the past year, so we're hoping with a little encouragement that he'll get interested again and develop into a good little rider.

After riding at the park for a bit, the bike was put aside and the three of us played an epic round of hide and seek. We took turns finding hiding spots and trying to discover each other. We played until it started getting dark. Giggling and running and counting to 15 over and over.

We have played at this park with our  kiddo for years now. Our games have changed over time, but the simple fun of being together and being silly has not. We're hoping for some silliness together in the snow next week too.