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Catch up: Herman 2021

April 28, 2020 Photo credit: Nataworry Photography Seems like an age ago, but in February 2021, as a multi-generational household Grandpa and the adults all successfully got Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.  We were elated.  Second doses and boosters followed in later months.  Grandpa never got sick.    The isolation of the pandemic took its toll on us and on Grandpa.  Our weekly family dinners continued in our home, but the real breakthrough for him came after vaccines rolled out and then community spread decreased over the summer. Grandpa got to go back to church.  It was the highlight of his year I can assure you.  He loved his friends at the Shoreline Seventh-day Adventist church and looked forward to being there in person each week during the summer and early fall.  (Zoom may have changed the world, but it isn't awesome for the hearing impaired who can't operate iPads themselves.)  In spring and summer, Herman took regular walks, again enjoying the ability to reconnect with frie

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