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Solstice 2018: A Start

It was last Solstice I had intended to return.  But here I am, at last.  It feels good to be back.

Honestly, starting again is something I am familiar with.  As a kid I started again every time my parents moved.  In fifth grade it was to Indiana.  In sixth grade, Pennsylvania.  In ninth grade to Oregon.  In 10th grade to boarding school.  The starting again got easier.  I learned how to write letters (yes, before email).  I learned how to make new friends and replace old connections with new ones.

Then there were the inevitable major-changes in college.  New classmates.  New professors.  New subject matter.  Internships exchanged for jobs, which were exchanged for new jobs.

Then in year 15, I made a total career change. At 34, I started over yet again -- I went to law school to pursue something I had always wanted to do.  Not long after that, I moved into the new universe of parenthood. That was eight years ago now.  I’ve found that parenting provides myriad opportunities to start ag…

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