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The B.C. Road Trip 2017

To start our summer off right, we took a road trip to central British Columbia at the end of June.  Somehow everything fit into the Subaru and rocket box, even Grandpa Herman and his giant suitcase, so we headed for the border with NEXUS cards in hand.  

Our first destination was the town of Armstrong where Herman's sister, Lenora, lives.  Despite the "short cut" that Herman insisted we take over 16 km of dirt roads and farmland, we managed to eventually find the right road and arrive at Lenora's by late afternoon. We left Herman at her place for the week. But before heading out for our own week of camping, we met up with Lenora and Herman in nearby Salmon Arm for some "thrifting" at a local junk shop (one of Lenora's favorite hobbies), having lunch at Lenora's favorite smorgasbord and some visiting.  We also made time for a visit with Herman's oldest sister, Venona, who lives in a retirement community in Salmon Arm.

Our second destination was…

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