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Summer's last week

We spent the 10 days before Labor Day on a road trip in Northern California and Oregon.  It began with a long drive from Seattle to Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park in Crescent City, California ( with a quick visit with Byron's cousin in Roseburg too).

After enjoying a terrific three days of camping and exploring with our friends Sam and Debbie (who had masterminded the Redwoods trip and invited us), we headed to Ashland, Oregon, to take in a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  We had ticket for "The Odyssey" at  the outdoor theater.  Air quality was a concern but the play was not cancelled -- at least until 48 minutes in!  Odysseus was just being set free by Calypso when they cancelled the production for everyone's safety.  Ugh.

Bummed (and believe me, the six year old was close to tears), we headed back to the hotel to hatch a new plan for the next few days.  Fires were threatening the cabins at Crater Lake National Park where we planned to stay (a Level…

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