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Celebrations are Back!

Celebrations have been tricky these past 16 months. We have been staying home, like most of the world, since February 2020.  Last August we took a little trip to the Oregon Coast, but otherwise, we've been traveling places only when necessary and Covid testing before and after.  Now that all the adults in our home are fully vaccinated, we decided we would venture out this spring for a road trip celebration to make some memories and to conclude fourth grade for our homeschooler.  Our celebration took us south from Seattle with a brief stop in Portland, which afforded us a a quick visit to Ash St. Wine Co. and nectarine muffins at the home of dear friends, then on to Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon.  Without doubt, Crater Lake is one of the most lovely places in the Northwest. We hiked at the rim, spotted lots of cool birds, and shot many rocks into the lake with Wy's new slingshot.  We hiked through pumice canyons and among early wildflowers and streams.  Althou

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