New Eyes

It's been a year since I last posted here. I'm feeling a tad ambivalent about whether to continue with Plums in the Path, or let it rest permanently.  But as I'm not great at endings, I'll probably keep coming back now and again when I feel moved to write.

It's that season when darkness sets in earlier and earlier each day.  Not only are the days getting shorter, but we've had heavy cloud cover this week and the days are, well, barely light at all.  Daylight feels more like twilight all day long.  In this dimness, it feels right to cozy up with a book, light a candle, find my wool socks, and start thinking of things I'd like to begin. 

So, again this December I'll be posting here on Plums in the Path for the Seven Days of Solstice (yes, it's my own thing) -- with a goal to look at old themes with new eyes.

I hope you'll check back and follow along, starting on December 15.

Photo: Morning moon and fog over the neighborhood, Seattle, Washington.



  1. I've been following your blog since you were pregnant! Always love to read your posts and look forward to the next (even if it takes a year).

    1. It's wonderful to get your note. Thanks for saying hi. I'm so honored to have such a long-time follower.


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