The baby's room

On Friday I spent some time finishing up the baby's room.  We have the glider cushions back from the upholstery shop and the paper lanterns are up.  And we have successfully transformed the salvaged dresser into a changing table with storage for diapers and baby bedding.  The closet contains two six-drawer towers of wire drawers that hold baby clothes, plus some shelving and hanging space.

I also have a few of the basics, including swaddling blankets, changing pads, diapers, and some baby clothes.  Technically, the room is occupant ready.  But considering I just finished 30 weeks of pregnancy, we hope that won't actually happen any time soon!

The nursery is orange and white, with bits of blue -- and birds.  The sheepskin rug helps to soften all the hard surfaces in the room. It feels wonderful under bare feet.
The fabric on the cushions is a Thomas Paul print that I found at Calico Corners.
A bouquet of dimly-lighted paper lanterns over the changing table/dresser brightens the corner up and any one of the lanterns can function as a night light if needed.
I lined the dresser drawers with owl wrapping paper.
The distressed blue book shelf belonged to my mom when she was a little girl, passed down to my sister and me, and now to Grover.  It's already filling up with books, thanks to generous friends.
The bird mobile above the Gulliver crib from Ikea adds color and movement to that side of the room.
Oggy, Grover, and I tried out the newly upholstered cushions.  Pretty comfortable.
Although we haven't finished putting hooks and art on the walls, all that will come in time.  For now, we're as ready as we need to be . . . and a little more.


  1. The baby's room looks really cute--but I am hoping you will eventually do something with the bookcase. You call it distressed, I call it beat up. Oggy sure looks comfortable.
    love mom

  2. Good thing Oggy is feeling comfortable. Love the orange and white cushions! Looks like you're ready--at least the space is.

  3. love the fabric and the lanterns...also have to disagree with your mom and say that i love the distressed bookcase. i have had some serious seattle withdrawal this week...heard it's been pretty stormy! sadie and i have been listening to "in the heights" and wishing you were here!

  4. You don't know me but I am a cousin of Karen H. I have been following your blog ever since your wonderful Seder last year.
    As a mother of many years to a new Mom, I am thrilled for you. The best is yet to come. I look forward to following your adventures in motherhood.


  5. Thanks for your good wishes -- and for following my blog. You must be Ali's mom? If so, you should know that I adore her! We have felt so lucky to be included in Karen's seders and to get better acquainted with Ali that way.

  6. Indeedy: I am Ali's mom and above all, being referred to as her mom is the sweetest thing I know. You'll find this out when Grover arrives in 9 weeks. Happy and safe delivery.


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