11 July 2012

Garden hand

All spring we've been harvesting lettuce, spinach, arugula, sugar snap peas, radishes, and strawberries. Now we're starting to eat the Walla Walla sweets and can't keep up with the raspberries.

Actually, we enjoy keeping up just fine. Today I picked two dry pints of berries, with help of course, although all the berries Wyatt picks get eaten rather than put in the container. Eaten or offered to grandpa if he's around. Or the cat. Oggy doesn't care for berries much so Wyatt always eats his too.

It's fun to see Wyatt pick his own snap peas and eat them pods and all, pull up a radish, or pull off ripe berries and pop them in his mouth. Today Wyatt pronounced an unripe berry that he ate as "ick" so I think he's figuring it out.

We'll have shelling peas, more raspberries, and hot peppers and tomatoes soon. Can't wait to see Wyatt try those.

09 July 2012

The summer of the crepe

My latest kitchen-related acquisition is a nonstick lefse grill that we bought online about a month ago. We purchased it with the intention that we'd start making crepes, but we've been using it for just about everything but crepes so far.  (Although mostly that's because we hadn't yet found a crepe recipe we were terribly fond of.) Until now that is.

Yesterday we finally tried a recipe we liked.  Our plan had been to make crepes and fill them with all the fruit and berries that are languishing around here.  But instead of doing crepes for dessert, we ate them for dinner too.  We put together a quick dinner of Gruyere and mushroom crepes (mushrooms sauteed with scapes, butter, and a little parsley) with a simple salad of oak leaf lettuce, arugula, and tomato dressed with a thrown-together mustard vinaigrette.  I located a white Bordeaux in the fridge that had been left behind by some friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed what turned out to be a very French meal on a lovely summer evening.  Wyatt got in on the action too, polishing off half a mushroom crepe of his own.

Maybe part of why I liked our dinner so well was because it evoked good memories.  I have a nice memory of a crepe lunch I once enjoyed at an unremarkable cafe in the town of Paray-le-Monial, a quick stop on the road from Geneva to Bourges.  I recall a light salad and a warm, goat-cheesy-mushroomy crepe on a rainy day -- part of a trip that I took well over 12 years ago now.  Our dinner also made me happy because it made me think of my sister and her fiance, who are, even as I write this, traveling in the South of France and enjoying things like cheese plates and, hopefully, crepes..

I think I'm going to enjoy coming up with fillings for my crepes this summer.

In the meantime, I'm jotting down my salad dressing recipe here so I don't forget how I threw it together.  It was just right.

Thrown-together mustard vinaigrette

Combine in a small jar, in this order:

1 part chive blossom vinegar
large pinch of fine sea salt
some grinds of fresh black pepper
a bit of good Dijon mustard (I used green peppercorn dijon)

Cover and shake it up.  Then add:
1 1/2 parts good olive oil

Shake again, taste, adjust, and dress the salad.

06 July 2012

18 months

Today Wy turned one and a half. For me it hardly seems possible that it's been this long since he arrived. But then I look at him and wonder how he was ever small enough to fit inside me. He measures 33 inches tall and weighs 27.5 pounds now.

We hiked the loop trail at Discovery Park this morning with Wyatt, who took a little snooze en route. The highlight of the walk was spotting a barred owl. Wyatt saw it too, was very quiet, and then as we walked up the trail and passed it, Wy began to softly hoot.Pretty cute.

The day was marked by me getting a pedicure (a bit less painful than what I was doing on this day 18 months ago), Wyatt getting a xylophone, and Byron making homemade tin roof ice cream for all of us.

Happy day!