18 months

Today Wy turned one and a half. For me it hardly seems possible that it's been this long since he arrived. But then I look at him and wonder how he was ever small enough to fit inside me. He measures 33 inches tall and weighs 27.5 pounds now.

We hiked the loop trail at Discovery Park this morning with Wyatt, who took a little snooze en route. The highlight of the walk was spotting a barred owl. Wyatt saw it too, was very quiet, and then as we walked up the trail and passed it, Wy began to softly hoot.Pretty cute.

The day was marked by me getting a pedicure (a bit less painful than what I was doing on this day 18 months ago), Wyatt getting a xylophone, and Byron making homemade tin roof ice cream for all of us.

Happy day!


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