The Food Situation

Turns out, we've given up homemade food for lent.  That is unless you consider frozen pizza homemade.

We haven't been taking time to shop or cook at home much now that we are in "get the house ready to sell asap" mode.  So, we eat out a lot.  And by that, I mean eating at places where we don't get strange looks while eating in our grungy work clothes.

While this has limited our options somewhat, we have managed to find some tasty (and even somewhat healthful) meals at establishments that will have us.  I might add that if you were you to map these spots, most are on the path between our house and our most frequent destinations these days: Home Depot, Lowe's, and our "storage unit" at my sister's house.
  • Mr. Gyro on Greenwood Ave. -- the veggie plate with hummus, baba, dolmas, falafel, Greek salad, macaroni rice, pita.  (I know, the picture of my partially eaten veggie plate is not so appetizing . . . but it IS really good food.)
  • El Camión in the Home Depot parking lot.

  • Kidd Valley on Aurora Ave. N. -- I recommend the garden burger with pepper jack cheese.  Byron always goes for the "secret hand shakes." 
  • Luisa's Mexican on Holman Rd. -- taco salad.
  • Pho in the USA at Northgate -- Pho #59 or the Vietnamese tofu sandwich.

  • Tub's Gourmet Subs on Lake City Way -- The Grinder, with or without meat, is good (love those pepperocinis).
  • Burrito Loco on Holman Rd. -- the veggie burrito
    I suppose the up-side to this is that we'll have a much larger list of places we like to eat that have virtually no dress code.  Hm...  Addendum to come.


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