Moving Closer

I may still live 1,100 miles from Mexico, but I am pleased to report that our upcoming move to the new house will significantly improve my proximity to excellent Mexican food.  Turns out the house is just down the street from one of my favorite Mexican dining spots -- Cocina Esperanza.

As the real estate folks say, location is everything.

Seattle actually has quite a few places to get authentic Mexican food.  This is a good thing since I can't go without good Mexican food for more than a day or two, and I make a lot of it at home.  In case you're interested, here's a list of some of my favorite spots:
  • To celebrate anything: La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard.
  • After working all day in the garden: Luisa's on Holman Road for tortilla soup or black bean soup and homemade tortillas.
  • For lunch on a home improvement day: El Camion at Home Depot parking lot on Aurora.  Don't miss the gorditas and Mexican coke.
  • Weeknight dinner just because:  Tilapia tacos at Cocina Esperanza in the Northbeach neighborhood
  • Best on-the-go:  Gorditos in Greenwood
  • Best yam tacos and salsa bar: Agua Verde Cafe in Portage Bay
  • Coolest Mexican appetizer:  Fried plantain chips with guacamole at El Camino in Freemont
  • Gone but not forgotten:  Veggie burrito with chipotle salsa at Northgate Burrito Express
Oh, and although it's not nearby, Nopalito in San Francisco has to be one of the best Mexican restaurants I've ever encountered.  We ate the whole menu!  And then in Tucson last spring we had an amazing green mole at Cafe Poca Cosa . . . (I think more about those will have to wait for another day).


    Becky said…
    Nothing about burrito loco? Maybe best burritos after moving? Anyway it should make the list somewhere :)
    jill pratt said…
    if i had it my way, you'd live a lot closer to mexico and we could eat at nopalito at least once a week. happy to report that last time we were there we did not eat the entire menu...

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