Weekend Coffee: Week 4

This week it was Aurora Donuts.

Decidedly low brow, I know, but surprisingly delicious!  Despite being brewed and kept on a warmer, the coffee was strong, hot, and tasted pretty good.  They must go through it quickly enough that it doesn't get that scalded flavor.  This is one of those places that the guy at the counter asks you if you want cream in your coffee and then adds it for you.  How helpful.

As for the doughnuts . . . it appears the place used to be a Dunkin Donuts and their doughnut choices reflect that.  (It's also a Baskin Robbins in case you want ice cream, too) That said, these doughnuts seem better than DD's to me.  They are really light, not greasy at all, and a whole lot less sweet than those Krispy Kremes down the street.  Plus, no trans fats.

I tried the chocolate glazed and the "long john" (a.k.a. chocolate bar).

Byron, who claims that Canadian crullers are far superior to anything here, tried the cruller and a Bavarian creme.  Here's what he had to say, I quote: "This is the second decent cruller I've had in America."

High praise, indeed.

Aurora Donuts
13201 Aurora Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98133


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