The upside of down time

We just can't seem to kick the cold and allergy season around here.  If you chose any day on the calendar since the middle of March, at least one person (if not more) in our house was sick on that day. It's been a bummer. This past week we had another round, so Mother's Day was spent just with ourselves.  It involved some naps, low-key activities around the yard, a trip to the drug store for antihistamines, and lots of Kleenex.

I'm not really complaining, mind you.  It was a super nice day.  Byron sent me flowers.  We had a great breakfast of fruit, herb-scrambled eggs, and my favorite twist from a local bakery.   I spent some quality time using my camera and even got a few hours to plant and dig and play in the dirt.   I had lunch made for me, and I didn't handle nap time.  As a bonus, Byron managed to muster the energy to schlep two big pots of plants from the front to the back yard for me, stain a chair, and work in the yard with me.  It was a terrific Mother's Day, illnesses notwithstanding.

One up side to all our down time over the past many weeks is all the reading we've been doing together or sometimes just in close proximity.  Of course, it also means that I'm now ready to burn all the "Curious George" books in our home.  Good news is that I think maybe Wyatt is too.  We've now gone two days without reading a George book.

We've also gotten creative and dug out new toys and fun activities to keep our minds off the sniffles.  Wyatt's new favorite toys happen to be a set of tinker toy building blocks that were Byron's as a boy.

Soon enough we'll be back to being our healthy selves.   I'm really looking forward to that, but I also can't complain with all the cozy family time we've had in the past many weeks.  Maybe the slowing down has been good for us.


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