29 July 2016

June 2016

Once preschool was out for the summer, we got busy having other kinds of fun.  June was a month filled with celebrations and travel and time with friends.  Grandpa turned 92.  We spent a day watching sheepdogs herd sheep. We napped and had beverages on the deck. We started going to the Friday farmer's market. We visted Bozeman and camped in a Sportsmobile. We took in art.  We went to some ball games. We played at summer co-op. And we finished spring T-ball. We celebrated Father's Day with Nerf weapons. We harvested carrots. We ate strawberries and rhubarb.


Discovering Bozeman

There is something glorious about the West's wide open spaces -- and it's been too long since I've spent time on the other side of the Cascade mountains.  In June, however, Wyatt and I flew over to Bozeman, Montana to visit our dear friends Jill, Mark and Sadie in their new home.  They settled into Bozeman in August 2015.  WE wanted to see for ourselves why they like Bozeman so much.

We had a great time exploring Bozeman -- and there is definitely a lot to like!  We had plenty of down time to read and roam and nap, but we also tried some of the restaurants and bakeries, saw Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" at the park, took in the Museum of the Rockies, and visited Sadie's school.  This trip didn't take us to Yellowstone, but I know we will make many more visits.

Hopefully we can make it back that way yet this fall.  If you've never been there, Bozeman is located in the Gallatin Valley in Western Montana -- a stunning place surrounded on all sides by mountains and with light like Provence.  It was the highlight of my summer to spend a week there, and it was made even better by the fact that Jill, Mark, and Sadie drove us back to Seattle and spent the following week with us. 

20 May 2016

Mother and child

These days there are lots of big emotions on display around our house.  School is ending for the summer next week -- change is afoot.  Wyatt's feelings swing between telling me "you're the best mom in the whole world" to accusing me of "totally ruining my plans" and "making me tear-stained for 42,000 years." 

This morning, prior to ruining his life for the first time today, here's what was delivered to me, accompanied by dozens of kisses and declarations of love . . .

Me (left) and Wyatt (right) holding Valentines for each other.