Bread Fan

I watched a snippet of the Martha Stewart Show on TV not long ago.  That day, Martha had her daughter were talking about how they stay healthy and in shape while leading such busy and important lives.  The segment was so unbelievable. . . I mean, seriously, who but Martha Stewart would interview herself and her daughter, on her own show, and think the rest of the world was interested?  Martha's big piece of advice was to never ever put anything (including Q-tips and headphones) in your ears.  Seriously?

I almost turned it off, but before I could, they started talking about things they have given up, little sacrifices that have infinitely improved their lives.  Turns out, Martha and her daughter have given up bread -- for good.

I must admit that I find some of Martha's advice moderately helpful.  But this I cannot follow or condone.  I love bread, and I'm not giving it up.

To strengthen my resolve and to mourn for Martha and her daughter in a small way, I convinced Byron, the baker in our family, to whip up some homemade bread.

He started with several loaves of no-knead bread that he bakes in a cast iron casserole.  They turn out crispy on the outside and chewy inside.  Excellent with soup!

The one with rosemary mixed in and Maldon salt on top was my favorite.

The next weekend he baked the classics.  In short order, I was surrounded by six loaves of homemade honey whole wheat, cinnamon swirl (my favorite), and basic white bread.  He uses the recipes in Baking with Julia -- an outstanding cook book, by the way.  I love watching him put the loaves together.

I ate the equivalent of half a loaf of warm from the oven bread, all by myself.  And that's a conservative estimate.

For obvious reasons, my consumption rate has slowed a bit lately.  I'm the first to admit that bread can pack the pounds on a person.  But even if it means an extra work out or a smaller portion of another food, I'm still a bread devotee.  I could give it up.  But then I'd be sorry.


Ha! Great post! I couldn't agree with you more about the benefits of bread. I'd give up beer before bread... actually, let's not get too crazy.
Sarah said…
That is some of the most impressive cinnamon bread that I have ever seen! I couldn't give up beer or bread. I just don't see any justification for it. None.

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