Missing Lunch Club

All this time off translates into eating lunch alone a lot more often.   And honestly, I am not so fond of this part of my new adventure.  

Undoubtedly, I have been spoiled by lunch club.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past two years, I had the pleasure of sharing lunch with three interesting women colleagues. The ritual was that each of us made lunch for the others once every other week.  I miss that.

I miss the company, of course.  But I also miss the variety of our meals and the opportunity to try to new dishes.  And, believe it or not, I miss the carrots. 

Truth be told, I have never like carrots much.  But despite my aversion, my lunch friends seemed to add them to most of their dishes -- usually accompanied by an "Oh sorry, Amy, I forgot you don't like carrots do you?"  

Regardless, the food was always delicious.  I have especially fond memories of Sarah's grain salads (with carrots) on a bed a greens and her pumpkin and chard tamales.  There were also Jessie's curried lentil dishes (no doubt also with carrots) that she miraculously thought up the night before.  April whipped up some great noodle dishes -- cold and hot -- that also included carrots (admittedly often redeemed by some form of peanut sauce).  And of course, there was Erin's delicious marinated blue cheese pasta with carrots and veggies, and her gingered carrot soup.

Somewhere along the way, I got brave and stopped picking out the carrots.  Whether the carrots grew on me or my lunch friends just wore me down, I must admit that I now like carrots quite well.  

Maybe, as an homage to the lunch friends that I miss, I'll make some curried carrot soup for lunch today.  I suppose the upside to eating alone (if there is one) is that I can eat it all myself!


Sarah said…
I was just commenting two nights ago to Alex that one of the things I most miss from the court is the lunch club. I really really miss those twice a week meals, filled with good conversation and delicious food. But I was just thinking that maybe its time for a new ritual- how about the bruch club-- Saturday mornings? Or maybe just a potluck once a month?

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