Rainy Day Hues

It's pouring rain this morning, but I like days like this sometimes.  Especially in the fall when the water makes the reds, browns, and golds of my garden all the more vivid, and the gurgle of rain down my rain chain tells me what's going on outside.

Because fall doesn't last long in the Northwest, I took some photos to document this day.

Sodden leaves in the path.

A drippy silhouette of my diablo ninebark.

The chokeberry -- waiting to be found by a squirrel.

Forsythia over the back fence, turning red.

My little frog statue in the birdbath.  On a day like today, they almost seem like they are huddling to stay warm.

The river birch leaning heavily over the front bed.

Heuchera, lambs ear, and maple.

The remaining specimens in my back yard garden.

Oakleaf hydrangea and Japanese anemone -- fall garden beauties.

The rain chain.


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