A Day of Homemade Doughnuts

Making doughnuts and sharing them with friends has come to be something of a fall tradition for us.  Last Saturday, a crisp and surprisingly dry fall day here in Seattle, we made a day of it.

Every year we make "our doughnuts," (that's what Byron's mother titled the recipe) now a third-generation family recipe for plain raised doughnuts.  This year, we cut them into bars and offered them with a choice of maple glaze or chocolate frosting (sprinkles optional, of course).

We also made apple spice doughnuts tossed in maple sugar and gingerbread doughnuts with cinnamon sugar.   Thanks to our friends Darcy and Ryan who packed their suitcases with sugar after visiting friends in New England, we enjoyed authentic Vermont maple sugar.

We had amazing help in cutting, frying, and serving the doughnuts from Darcy and Ryan.  For maybe the third year running, Ryan has manned the vats of boiling oil for us and Darcy has rolled and cut hundreds of doughnuts!

This year we also benefitted from the expert help of friends Sarah and Alex who taught Byron how to brew brown ale, which goes nicely with doughnuts, and who also served as top notch doughnut facilitators during the festivities.


And thanks to Chelle, no hot doughnut got away without a good shaking the appropriate sugar bag.

It was a memorable day filled with friends and delicious fried dough.



To appease my kids this year I bought a fryer and we tried a round of doughnuts. I was really disappointed in them and I've been scouring the net trying to find different ways to make them. Those maple bars are right up my alley.

Any chance sharing some pointers and a recipe with us? :)
Amy said…
I'll be glad to add a post with the recipe and our techniques for fluffy doughnuts. Thanks for asking -- I'll post it soon.

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