A Peck of Pickled Peppers

I've been pickling peppers this fall, inspired by the great variety of shapes and sizes of peppers sold by Alvarez Farms at my farmer's market.  Here's the recipe that's turned out best for me.  I found it in Bon Appetit this fall.  These pickles are very simple and make beautiful, tasty, and low calorie snacks.

Because I made a double batch, I marinated them in a thin layer on a half-sheet pan, which worked fine.

We've been eating them on pizza, with cheese and crackers, with toast and soup, grilled in panini . . . . They're great.  I'm making one more batch before all the peppers are gone for the season.  I'll try sealing and processing this batch so they can sit on the shelf all winter long.  We'll see how that works.


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