Thanksgiving 2009

Our Thanksgiving was lovely in a variety of ways.  This year we were fortunate to fill our table not only with wonderful food but with dear friends as well as my sister, Becky.  Another thing that made it special was that we ate our meal on Wedgwood china that belonged to Byron's mother, which made us think of her, now 13 years gone.

In true form, I made everyone at the table share something they were particularly thankful for.  Suffice it to say that in doing so we were reminded of the rewarding and happy lives that we lead and of how much we have to be grateful for this year.  Always a valuable exercise.

Special thanks to our guests, who, in addition to being lovely people, are also fine chefs who prepared and sourced several of the items on our menu despite their busy lives.  We used organic, locally-sourced foods wherever possible. 

Here's what we consumed from 5 'till 9 p.m.

Thanksgiving Menu 2009

Pt. Townsend Creamery Camembert with toasts
Homemade pickled peppers with shallots and thyme
Pickled raisins and fresh walnuts

First Course
Cauliflower and Romanesco bisque with walnut oil and toasted hazelnuts
Homemade herb butterflake rolls

 Main Course
Vegetarian smoked turkey filled and buttermilk cornbread dressing
Accompaniments:  fresh cranberry-orange relish, apple-cranberry stuffing
and mushroom gravy

Buttermilk mashed potatoes -- a medley of Maris Pipers, Yukon gold, and red potatoes
Roasted Tonda pumpkin wedges with butter, homegrown chilies, and honey
Creamed leeks -- baby leeks, cream, Dijon mustard, and fines herb
Apricot-glazed roasted baby carrots and parsnips
Brussels sprouts braised in garlicky broth
Radicchio and Boston lettuce salad with fennel, apple, hazelnuts, and cider vinaigrette 

Bosc pears poached in red wine and honey with mascarpone filling
Pumpkin Squares -- pumpkin custard with praline crumbles and whipped cream

A view of our table all aglow.


Becky said…
Where are the pictures of the food preparation etc? You can't just leave it a picture of the table...
Amy said…
I'll post more Thanksgiving food photos in an upcoming entry with some recipes too. I have to finish my entry for the contest first!

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