Weekend Coffee: Week 2

This week we went to Mighty-O Donuts in the Wallingford neighborhood for organic coffee and vegan donuts.

We liked the coffee, but the donuts could have been better.  They are nothing like Top Pot.  That said, the donuts are very environmentally responsible and healthy to the extent they are organic and contain no cholesterol. 

We tried the yellow cake donut with cinnamon sugar, a chocolate cake mini, yellow cake with chocolate glaze and coconut, and the plain glazed raised donut.  Of all of them, the yellow cake with chocolate and coconut was the yummiest.  The raised donut was a bit tough and chewy.

Although I've heard that the lemon poppy seed donut is great, we forgot to try that one.

I can't say that I didn't miss the eggs and butter that would have produced a tender crumb, but that omission certainly didn't stop us from cleaning our plates!

Pirates seem to be the theme, so if you go you might want to bring your eye patch and sword. The kids we saw devouring Mighty-os were definitely "argh-ing" it up.

Mighty O Donuts
2110 North 55th Street
Seattle, WA 98103


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