Birthday Pizza at Delancey

Our good friends (and family) Jill and Mark recently visited from the Bay Area to celebrate Jill's birthday in Seattle.  As part of the festivities, we dined at Molly Wizenberg's and Brandon Pettit's new restaurant, Delancey.  Their restaurant has received a lot of positive local and national attention, and we think it is well deserved.

The crispy yet chewy, slightly salty, super thin, charred and bubbly crust makes for a delicious pizza no matter what topping you choose -- we really liked the Brooklyn, sausage, and chantrelle pizzas.  Oh, and definitely order the buratta to start and share with the table -- this creamy mozzerella with drizzled olive oil is unlike any first course you'll find elsewhere.  And although you might be tempted to skip dessert, don't.  The menu always seems to feature something fruity -- baked or fresh -- and we are in favor of whatever it is.  This trip, the pear crisp with Chantilly cream hit the spot -- and the size was just right for everyone at the table (nine of us) to have a bite or two.

We found the atmosphere warm and cozy and liked the restaurant's simple furnishings and fixtures.  The wait staff was friendly and helpful, and we greatly appreciated the 800° pizza oven, which made the whole restaurant nice and warm on the evening we visited -- a particularly chilly, 30-degree night.


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