The Cold Little Hummingbird

This morning it was 18 degrees outside the kitchen window.  We've been bringing the hummingbird feeder indoors at night to prevent it from freezing (again).  So this morning, when I put it out, I wondered how our little hummingbird family was making do in the cold and whether they would know to look for the feeder again today.

A little while later, perched near my window, I saw the male Anna's Hummingbird.  He had found the feeder and was sitting in the sunshine taking a break from eating to pose for some pictures, which I agreeably took.

Presumably to stay warm, he fluffed himself into an almost spherical shape -- and in the process, I snapped a shot of his irredescent red head and chest.  He's such a beautiful, glitzy little bird.  Hard to believe all that detail fits onto a bird only the size of my thumb.

Here are some shots of a few of my other morning visitors as well.

A flicker (having a bad hair day), sparrows, and juncos on the suet feeder. 


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