Farewell to a Good Year

The new year is only hours away, and I am feeling a bit melancholy about seeing 2009 go.

This year brought me new challenges and adventures, and only a few bittersweet endings.  I took on a new challenge as an adjunct law professor; I put in new raised beds at the p-patch, put in a patio vegetable garden, and preserved lots of fruits and vegetables for the first time; I completed my judicial clerkship; finished the living room remodel and started on the bedrooms; stopped being 39; started running; started a blog, started doing crosswords; and stopped drinking too much coffee.  Oh, and I actually won something (this never happens).

In 2009, I also found a way to focus on the important in life, not just the urgent.  We petitioned the State Department for an immigrant visa for Byron's dad -- the plan being for him to emmigrate from Canada to the U.S. for his remaining years.  We nursed a lost kitten back to health and found her a wonderful home in San Francisco with Jill, Mark, and Sadie (and tried not to miss her too much). We shared important milestones with my sister, Becky, who bought her first house and completed a half marathon.  And I more frequently got to walk around the lake on Wednesdays with my friend Lisa.  We camped, ate well, and shared time with friends -- sometimes even on weeknights!

It was a lovely year.  Here's hoping 2010 is too.


jill pratt said…
i love your year in review...wish we could spend more of the year with you guys. my birthday was the best...exactly what i had hoped for. i am so fortunate to have you as my friend. happy new year!

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