We've crossed a line -- we put lights on the house last weekend. 

Don't worry, it's nothing like Candy Cane Lane or Olympic Manor.  We certainly haven't had any traffic jams out front.

You're wondering what possessed us to do such a thing? This year, our little yellow house is 97 years old.  Plus, we've been its proud owners for five years now.  With these milestones in mind, we thought it only fitting that we deck its eaves with lights to celebrate -- and, not incidentally, to brighten up the darkest time of the year. 

So, we dug out the old colored Christmas lights from Byron's childhood, replaced the bulbs with clear ones, and strung them up.  We technologized (is that word?) the whole operation with a dusk-detecting smart extension cord that turns the lights on and off all by itself.  Amazing.

Aside from the fact that it's about as bright as midday in the front yard when the lights are on and god knows how much electricity we are using, we like the effect.  

Happy birthday, little yellow house!


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