A little stuck

That's how I've been feeling lately.

Lots of grand plans for the garden, but it's too wet and soggy to do much.  All kinds of home improvement ideas and things needing doing, but not sure how to get started and what to do first.  Feeling like I want to cook something new and delicious, but getting lost in the cookbooks for too long . . . only to end up too hungry to wait for something good -- so it's top ramen and bok choy.
Being a little stuck has left me wondering what to write about on my blog lately too.  And as for my fitness goals . . . not making such speedy progress.
Is it the rain?  All the gray in Seattle?  Could be.

Then again, could be that I'm more like my plants than I realized:  A bit dormant for part of the year -- the coldest, grayest, wettest part -- stuck in an awkward spot, a little pale, storing up energy, growing a bit, sending out feelers, getting organized.

I like that metaphor.   And that we're having an early spring.


jill pratt said…
i've been feeling a bit the opposite...all over the place and unable to stick anywhere. too much going on. hopefully in march we can find some time to visit! hope the spring weather continues...i'm glad to have our sunny weather back for sure. take care.

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