What to do with Holiday Cards

When I pack Christmas away each January, it seems wrong to just throw away or recycle all the holiday cards, especially the photos.  But what to do with them?

Yesterday, my friend Megin gave me a great idea.  She suggests punching a hole in the corner of each card and putting them on a large metal ring.  Then pack them away in your decorations, and next year, when you get everything out again, you can set out last year's cards, too.

I suppose you could keep them indefinitely (which could get a little bulky) . . . but even if you just kept them for a year or two it would be fun to compare how kids have grown and friends have gotten better looking with the passing years.  I'm doing it.


jill pratt said…
great idea! i'm going to do that too! does that mean you want your cards back? btw...i'm still waiting for my kneller card so that i can decide whether or not you are better looking this year :)

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