Can you teach an old cat new tricks?

In my whole life, this is the first time I will have ever moved with a pet to a new house.

I don't think the moving part will be so bad, cat carrier and all.  But I'm a little worried about Oggy running off and getting lost once we get there.  He's an indoor-outdoor fellow.  Anyone I ask about this suggests keeping him indoors for like a month so he knows he lives there before letting him roam outside.

Okay.  Sounds good. 

But how do I teach him what a litter box is?  He's at least 12, and I don't think he's ever used one.  Yesterday, I bought one at Petco.  I thought maybe he would intuitively know what it was and be thrilled to finally have "indoor plumbing," so to speak.  Maybe he would have a flash back from when he was a kitten  -- perhaps he had been taught to use a litter box before being adopted out.

I wasn't so lucky.  Oggy had no interest.  When I put him in it, he freaked out.  Then he spent 20 minutes cleaning corn cellulose (the litter material) out of his paws.   Every time he walks by it, he eyes it cautiously . . . like it's out to get him.

Any advice?


jill pratt said…
maybe you can put him on a leash in the yard :)

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