Moonstruck Eggs

We watched the movie Moonstruck the other night for like the 30th time.  Oddly, I never tire of this movie -- it's so much like a play.  Plus, I kind of like all the corny lines and overacting.

Anyway, I think we decided it was a good choice since we are getting into the mindset of having a multi-generational household.  Hopefully ours won't resemble the Castorinis' in all respects -- although maybe we could get Byron's dad a few dogs . . . . (just kidding).

Well, last night we saw Cosmo's moon.  And so this morning it somehow seemed appropriate to try making Moonstruck eggs -- you know, the fried eggs-in-bread-with-red-peppers thing that Mrs. Castorini makes for breakfast in the movie.  (This is big news because, generally, eggs only get scrambled with goat cheese around here.)

Although the finished product looked a little messy, they were tasty.  I used organic eggs and Byron's homemade bread, which also couldn't have hurt.  The red peppers were from a jar.

This isn't rocket science and the preparation doesn't need any explaining.  Just give it a try sometime when you need a little variety in your breakfast repertoire.  If red peppers aren't your thing, try steamed greens with garlic and pepper flakes instead.


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