To Sell or Not to Sell

I've had a significant emotional breakthrough this week.  I've agreed, in principle, to sell our house.

Admittedly, my attachment to this place may be somewhat irrational.  I know it is only a house.  But, I get very sad when I think about moving.

It's been our first home.  We've put a lot of love and work into this little house, renovating nearly every room.  Here, we've had many fun times with family and friends, including our annual doughnut parties.  And, perhaps my most favorite thing about it, I learned to garden here.  With the help of generous friends who shared their plants and advice, I added a garden of perennials and trees that has brought me thousands of hours of enjoyment -- not to mention all the "dirt therapy" that got me through stressful times in law school.

To me, my garden is beautiful in every season.  [And because I never miss an opportunity to post pictures of it, here are a few to prove my point.]

The garden in spring

The garden in summer

In fall

And winter

Garden notwithstanding, at less than 900 square feet, this house is just a bit small for what we now need -- or will need soon.  Byron's father is planning to move to the United States from Canada this summer.  At 86 years old, we think the best scenario is for him to have a suite of his own adjacent to or part of our home.  We've explored additions and expansions to our place, but it seems to make the most sense just to move on to a larger house that fits our needs.

We started looking halfheartedly a few weeks ago, but this week we're looking in earnest.  We are looking for a home that can hold all of us, has enough light and good exposures, in a good and walkable neighborhood, not too many stairs, enough parking, space for a garden of some sort . . . and the list goes on.  I have no confidence we will actually be successful. 

Who knows though.  Maybe we can find just the right place -- a place that we can make feel like home -- and everything will work out.  Most of all, I hope that when the time comes to sell our little house, it ends up with an owner who loves it as much as we have.


jill pratt said…
i love your house too! it has always been one of my favorite places to hang out (often for LONG periods of time :) i have no doubt that your next house will end up feeling just as home-y and welcoming...since it's really you...not the house. good luck's stressful, but also fun and gives you something new to look forward to.

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