Weekend Coffee: Week 3

We've had a lot of distractions lately that have sidelined our weekend coffee project in recent weeks.  But with the holidays behind us, we're back at it. 

Recently, we checked out Cafe Lulu on Latona Avenue in the Greenlake/Ravenna area.  It's a cute little spot tucked into the row of food establishments near the Latona Pub.  Yelp's large number of positive reviews made us optimistic.  And when we arrived, the place had a friendly vibe, and we observed a good quantity of folks who looked like regulars -- a good sign.

The lattes were lovely (and the cafe serves Cafe Vita coffee, which is great stuff), but their temperature was not quite hot enough for us.  Ask for extra hot.

As for the pastries: My cinnamon twist apparently had been twisted a few too many times.  But Byron's choice, the ham and cheese croissant, was tasty albeit a little shy on the filling.

Trying to be healthy, I also ordered the $2 bowl of oatmeal with raisins that turned out to be instant oatmeal.  I'd make a different choice next time.

Epilogue:  Despite our so-so experience, we'll definitely try Cafe Lulu again.  In part, because of the polite and professional response I received from the owner of the cafe after I posted a review on Yelp. Here's what she said:
Thanks for your feedback Amy.  I asked both girls who work the weekend shifts to keep a close eye on the shots and make sure that all of the drinks are nice and hot. As for the pastries, we're in the middle of switching bakeries, which I hope will be in effect soon, hopefully by this monday.  And the oatmeal...you're right, it is instant which works in a pinch, but I tend to recommend the granola, which comes from Tall Grass Bakery.  It's amazing.  If you manage to come back, I hope you'll notice a difference.

Cafe Lulu
6417 Latona Avenue East


jill pratt said…
wish i had been there to enjoy a lukewarm latte along with you...i miss you!

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