Gone Mad with Painting

I've been wearing the same clothes every day for about a week.  It's not a pretty sight.  But hey, they're my painting clothes and that seems to be all I'm doing these days. 

On our last sunny day, I risked life and limb to climb high on a ladder and paint the front gable of our house -- or paint some of it and prime the rest -- so we can put it on the market.  It'll look nice and neat once we're finished.  The plan is for the porch to get a fresh coat of paint too. 

I wasn't the only one risking death for the sake of fixing up the house that day.  Byron had himself half under the front, load-bearing corner of the house replacing a seriously rotten foundation post and pier.  I'm pleased to report that the house didn't fall down.

Here's the rotten "post and pier" -- can you believe this chunk of wood on a rock has been holding up our house for nearly 98 years?

Byron jacking up the house a wee bit.

Byron and his new post and pier -- properly earthquake retrofitted and everything.

All patched up and ready for paint.

This week it's all rainy so I'm painting indoors.  I finally painted all the crown moldings and toe kicks in the kitchen (who looks under the cabinets anyway?), and today it was the door frames and touching up the cabinets (thanks Jeff!).  I'm wishing I had done this long ago.  Everything looks so nice.  And I'm finally able to see how the color scheme that I chose back when we remodeled the kitchen (before moving in) actually looks.

The paint is Sherwin Williams and the color combination is a bright white on the trim and ceiling('alumina' semi gloss on trim/flat on ceiling) with French ivory on the cabinets, and vintage kitchen (that's really the name) on the walls.  I like the look -- it only took me five years to pull it off.

And here is the painted ceiling and molding -- up close.  Much better than the ugly unpainted version that I've been living with all these years!

Our brain cells are the only casualties so far.  Oggy has probably lost a few IQ points with all the paint fumes floating through the house.  He's been acting a little funny lately.  Poor kitty.  Then again, we're all acting a bit funny around here.  I assume it's the paint.  Then again, it could be all those girl scout cookies.

In the new house, I think we'll use only Mythic paint.  Enough with all these vocs!


Oh this brought back memories of my dh and brother jacking our first house up with a car jack to replace exactly the same thing. Good thing we don't live in an earthquake region. Oh wait!

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