Our Six-Year Adventure Ends

Our little yellow house hits the market in the morning.  Although we've been working on it like crazy people in order to get it ready, we have had a few sentimental moments -- cutting the last pieces of new trim, mulching the garden for the last time, etc.

It's kind of sad and kind of exciting all at once.

This house has been a true home improvement adventure for us.  Since buying it in 2004, we've done a thing or two.  Here are a few before and after photos, just for posterity!

The front of the house in April 2004, the day we first viewed it with our real estate agent.

And yesterday, March 24, 2010.

The kitchen was our first remodel project, which we started before moving in.  Here are the befores.

And the after.
Our living room before we took up the carpet, etc.

Over the years, we replaced the windows, door, restored the floors and added built ins.

And then there's the bathroom -- before.

And after.

The back yard when we purchased the house.
 And now--the carport became the 11-foot-long table thanks to Byron's mad skills with a saw.

This house has given us the opportunity to learn a lot about how to rebuild, renovate, and generally live with the imperfect.  What a fun adventure it has been!


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous - and the house looks happy for all your hard work! My fingers are crossed that someone buys it today...don't worry, they will love it as much as you do. It is so cute and liveable, who could help it? - Julie
Sarah said…
Yes, its a lovely little place - you have done wonders to it. I know its a bit of a sad event in some ways. But, now its time for you to share your gardening skills with a bigger plot of land and entertain in that big new dining room. Just think of the Thanksgiving feast you can have!
One of my favorite places on the planet, but I'm excited to see what you can do to the new place within walking distance! Good luck!
jill pratt said…
many happy memories in that little house, including my baby shower and sadie's first doughnut party (i mean halloween)! We will miss it, but you'll do wonders with the new place too. can't wait to see it! good luck selling...i think it's going to sell quickly!

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