Getting a Feel for the Place

It's been a busy week!  We got keys to our new house and have launched an intensive effort to get the place ready to live in.  First order of business was to paint the popcorn ceilings and the walls. 

As of Sunday, we completed the first part -- the ceilings.  They turned out great.  Plus, Byron got to figure out how to use an airless paint sprayer and dress up in a white, non-breathable Tyvek suit for the day.  Fun!

Today I get to spackle, sand, and begin painting the walls, after having washed them all yesterday. 

The new place is beginning to feel like a house we know.  We've eaten a few meals there and even used the oven!  Granted, we only made frozen french fries from a bag, but whatever. 

I also spent a couple hours weeding in the flower beds.  Turns out one of our new neighbors (we aren't sure who yet) came over and weeded most of our front flower bed the morning after we took possession.  A very nice gesture!  I look forward to meeting this mystery neighbor sometime soon.

And, we enjoyed the first sunset from OUR deck.   We're pretty sure we're going to like it there.


Becky said…
I'm sure Byron loved the suit and gadget for painting :)

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