My Easter Resolution

Contrary to popular belief, Easter is really all about brunch.

This year, our good friend Cathy hosted a potluck Easter brunch that included friends we haven't seen in far too long.  When I think about this group of friends, I can't help but admire how accomplished and interesting everyone is.  The group includes business types, educators, medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, editors, entrepreneurs, and more.  There's always a lot to talk about and catch up on when we get together -- today we learned of big promotions (yeah! Chelle and Rose), travels planned to Bhutan and India, new jobs, and hobbies . . . and made the acquaintance of new friends. 

Like the people in the room, the collective brunch we shared was fabulous:  herb roasted potatoes, deviled eggs, waffles with homemade peach compote, sticky buns, sauteed greens, sausages, pancakes, fresh fruit (from strawberries to kumquats), homemade pistachio and chocolate chip biscotti, fresh coffee, fruit smoothies, and a beautiful fruit trifle.

And about that trifle . . .

After eating it today, I am convinced that trifle is one of the world's perfect foods.  Seriously.  First, it contains three of the all-time best dessert elements: cake, a sweetened cream mixture, and fruit.  Second, it is beautiful.  Third, the layered nature of the dish ensures you get a bit of everything in each bite, which is both efficient and delicious.  Fourth, did I mention it has fruit, cake, and sweetened cream in it?

Tragically, trifle is a dessert that has not yet made it into my repertoire.  How I managed to make this giant omission, I do not know.  I promise to do better.


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