No More Yard Beer?

When we moved to the North Greenwood neighborhood six years ago, one of the first things we did was meet our new neighbors.  To welcome us, I think one of them gave us a box of English tea and another cooked us a homemade plum tart.  Nice folks.

Also not long after moving in, the neighborhood itself seemed to welcome us -- with yard beer. I kid you not.  One day, we found several bottles of light beer stashed behind random plants in the front yard.  Not exactly your typical "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture.  But hey, finders keepers.

This has been a great neighborhood for us -- walkable, full of friendly people, near the p-patch, and with easy access to everything we need (and even a few things we don't need).  Over the years, we've become good friends with several of our neighbors, sharing meals together and hosting barbecues.  We have felt fortunate to live in a place where we know and like the people we lived near.

In the last couple weeks, we've had the pleasure of meeting some of our new soon-to-be neighbors.  A few have stopped by to introduce themselves while we've been working on projects at the new house.  They come with smiles and cards and gift bags in hand.  They seem like lovely people.  They tell us that we're moving onto a block with people who like to socialize with each other.  Excellent news.

As you might expect, along with the greetings and introductions have come housewarming gifts -- so far, two bottles of Merlot.

I'm pretty sure we're moving out of yard beer territory.  Not sure how I feel about this.


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