Serious Neglect

I'm in danger of getting a "weed warning" at the p-patch -- that's what they give you if you neglect your plot for too long and it starts getting weedy and out of control.  It has been over a month since I've been there last.  In my defense, nothing really needed tending (leeks grow fine without much intervention).  But I'm embarrassed to say that despite my best intentions, since setting up my toasty grower, I've not done much -- not even plant my seeds! 

I'm headed down there today for a couple hours.  Hopefully I can yank out the offending weeds and pull out my Brussels sprouts, which bolted this spring instead of putting on sprouts (bummer).  I need to see if my compost pile has done its thing, and if not, do something with the remains . . .  And I could benefit from a little summer garden planning so I know what plants I'm growing where.  

Maybe this will be good for me -- I've been fairly stressed out lately with all our pending transactions.  I hope getting my hands in the dirt will be the self care I've been needing (but have been too busy to notice or do anything about).  Neglect is a bad thing all around.

 A little inspiration from last year's garden.


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