Things they are a-changin'

I'm pleased to report that a young couple has fallen in love with the little yellow house and wants to buy it.  We've been in contract for a little over a week and just finished the inspection process, which went fine.  Today is the appraisal.  Hard for me to believe, but it looks like this deal will really happen, and we'll be handing the keys over to someone new pretty soon.

The garden looks amazing, which couldn't have hurt the whole process any.  Every time I walk into the yard I get hit with the heady scent of lilacs and apple blossoms.  It's snowing petals around here.

In other news, Oggy has suddenly gotten weird.  Maybe he knows this pad isn't going to be his home much longer, who knows.  In any case, he doesn't walk any more -- he only runs.  Plus, he doesn't seem to like the floor much these days and only wants to sit on top of the tables, desk, couch, and bed.

And then there's his refusal to eat anything but wet food and his desire to sit on paper, wherever it is.

I have no idea what this is all about -- all I can figure is that when he got the "cat flu" (that's what I'm calling it) a couple weeks ago and was all lethargic and sleepy for two days, that he had a fever too, which must have fried his little cat brain a bit.  Hopefully not, but he is definitely behaving oddly now.

Seems that he also wants to start blogging . . . .

And finally, we're seeing big changes at our new house, too.  We had the opportunity to begin the yard renovation this weekend.  A team of young energetic guys, raising money for an urban gardening organization, came by and cut out our nasty, dandelion-ridden sod.  Now all we have to to do is take it away.  Here's the before and afters of the front yard.

Inside, we managed to pull up the carpets in the upstairs and take up the lovely 70s tile in the entry.  We now must refinish the floors and try to restore the slate in the entry.  Oh fun!


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