Winter Garden Wrap Up

I'm not sure whether to call my winter gardening experiment a success or not this year.  The leeks and garlic are doing great and will be ready to harvest this spring. That's good.  But my Brussels sprouts . . . well, they didn't work out as planned. This is what Brussels sprouts look like when they bolt.  Pretty, but not so edible.

I decided they would at least be good for a bright spot on the front porch.  (And now my car is full of lady bugs . . . hmmm.)

While cleaning up the winter garden, I also planted my toasty grower -- radishes, arugula, and lettuce.  Then I found a spot in another bed for spinach and a few other things like sweet peas and scarlet runner beans.  Did some weeding and made a valiant effort to train my blackberry canes to grow on the fence.  Next task:  plan my spring/summer garden and come up with a planting schedule.  I'm visiting a garden this weekend that I hope will prove inspirational. 

Working in the garden was just what I needed -- that an a good nap yesterday.  Now I'm feeling more like myself and ready to head back over to the new place and wield my paint roller some more. 


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