All Moved In

There have been some big happenings since I've posted last -- we moved into our new house, and our old house is no longer ours.

Moving day was a small miracle -- made possible by our wonderful friends.  On the day, a good number of friends showed up at 9 a.m. to help us with the lifting, last minute packing, and moving.  I'm convinced that the only thing worse than moving yourself is moving someone else.  I will be eternally grateful for all the help and support we had from our friends on moving day.  It made all the difference!

One of the last boxes we packed and appropriately labeled.

The other thing that made all the difference were the homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that Chelle and Dail brought to sustain us.  The two big bags of cookies were a serious hit with all the movers!  The other highlight in the day was lunch from our favorite local spot, Mr. Gyro -- falaffel sandwiches, baba, hummus, and spaghetti rice (you got to try it!).

After several moving truck loads from the house and our "storage unit" at my sister's place, we had all our stuff under one roof.  The final item we moved:  the giant table.  It took at least four burly guys and had to come through the house to get onto the deck.

And the help didn't stop there. Chelle, Janna, and Cathy managed to cover our kitchen drawers and shelves with contact paper and completely unpack the kitchen.  It's wonderful.  We can cook and function like normal people.

Darcy unpacked all my towels and linens. And the help just kept coming . . . last week Lisa totally unpacked and organized my bathroom.  Thanks to everyone else, we're finally settling in.

Oggy seems to be settling in too.  By day two, he had figured out how to use his litter box (I had been skeptical) and, by all indications, he is adapting to his new life quite well.


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