It's official, our little yellow house is sold.  With inspection and appraisal behind us, all that was left was for our buyers to get their loan approved.  Looks like that is now complete and the buyers would like to move up the closing date so they can take possession a week earlier.  It's all come together so nicely I can hardly believe it.

We're now packing boxes every day, getting ready to move.  Luckily the new house is nearly ready for occupancy with the floors being refinished this week.  I admit that I'm finally getting eager to move, with one exception.  (You already know what I'm going to say...)  The garden. 

But, that said, I have been fortunate to have a friend who is helping me come up with a plan for my new front yard garden.  That project is taking lots of thought and creativity, and hopefully will provide a good distraction from the garden I am saying goodbye to.  As soon as we have a plan, I'll share. 

Oh, and before we say goodbye to this house, we'll get to meet the buyers.  They've asked us to give them a tour of the house and the yard with tips and information.  It will be fun to share what we know with them, and it feels like a nice way to pass the house along.



Happy but sad. We loved the yellow house and adored the garden. The new owners are very lucky!
jill pratt said…
Glad everything worked out so smoothly! I can't wait to visit this summer and see the new place. You will have it looking homey in no time! Congrats.

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