Montreal: our 15-month journey ends

I haven't posted much at all about the process we've been going through to immigrate my father-in-law from Canada to the U.S.  It started in March of 2009 and brought us to the U.S. consulate here in Montreal on Sunday as the final step in the immigrant visa process.  I'm pleased to report that 15 months since we started, the final interview is complete and he has been granted a visa!

The trip from Vancouver B.C. to Montreal went without a hitch thanks to a nonstop flight and special assistance by the airline.  I had always wanted to whisk through the airport and go to the head of the security line on one of those beeping golf cart like vehicles.  Pretty slick.

Once here we had a set back when my father-in-law twisted his knee and suddenly couldn't walk.  But luckily the hotel has a wheel chair and we bought him a cane so we made it to the interview with the State Dept today and should make it back to B.C. just fine.  Considering that my father-in-law is turning 86 next week, he's doing well.

The interview this morning was short and went smoothly. Aside from having to do his finger prints twice, it was a breeze.

We travel back to B.C. Tonight. We'll figure it out from there.  Hopefully, we'll have him moved down to Seattle by the end of August.

Thus, another adventure begins.

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Becky said…
Yay! I'm glad it went well. Oggy misses you!

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