A great time

It's been a serious two-week stretch of fun around here.  This is why I've been away so long.

My dear friend Jill and her four-year-old daughter Sadie came to visit on July 12.  Since then, we've been whipping up homemade ice cream and delicious food, celebrating my birthday with friends and cupcakes, traveling via ferry to Vancouver Island (which is quite exciting if you are four), enjoying a family reunion, drinking large amounts of iced tea-lemonade, running through sprinklers (some of us), and scouting the Seattle area for the best Vietnamese sandwiches we can find.

Jill's husband Mark joined us after his climbing trip in the Enchantments, and together, we've all had a lot of fun hanging out and relaxing.  There's also been bit of walking and talking and nap taking. Oh, and there has also been a lot of Tour de France watching.  (Go Andy Schleck!)

Here's a few photos from our time together.

Friends and family joined us on the deck for my birthday.

A delicious green and yellow bean salad for my birthday dinner.

And we also had cupcakes!

Traveling to our family reunion on Vancouver Island with Sadie and Mark.

Byron and his dad enjoying the view from the ferry deck.

Once we made it to Vancouver Island, we found time for walks on the beach and some fun on an abandoned raft.

Alas, Jill, Mark and Sadie hit the road headed for home yesterday.  I miss them already and I can't think of a better way to have spent the last two weeks.  Thanks for all the good times.


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