Homemade Ice Cream Extravaganza

We did it.  We forced summer's arrival with ice cream!

All weekend we stirred up custards and blends, and froze them in our new-to-us ice cream freezer.  Pretty fabulous stuff.

We started with cantaloupe sorbet -- it was the perfect finish to our meal of fish tacos.


On the 4th, we went all out (despite the drizzle) and made three kinds of confections . . . vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and strawberry sorbet with local berries (sorry no photo . . . we were too busy eating it to take photographs).  

Should you be so inclined to force a change in the weather in your locale -- these recipes can be found on pages 111, 24, 28, and 128 of the aforementioned David Lebovitz cookbook.  


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