A little something

In all honesty, I've been avoiding this post.  I haven't been quite sure how or when to tell you about the latest thing to come across my path.  Maybe I'm a bit afraid that posting about this will somehow jinx it.  Or, perhaps I haven't completely gotten used to the idea myself.

Well, here it is.  We're having a baby.  Actually, I'll be having the baby.  Byron will be cheering me on.  He's due to arrive on January 1, 2011 (cool due date, huh?).  And, yes, the baby is a boy -- with 23 pairs of normal chromosomes, I might add.

Can't tell you much about him except that I think he's definitely a bit bigger than a plum now.  And I  have recently begun to feel him do somersaults after dinner in the evenings.  Oh, and his heart beat was 150 beats per minute as of last Friday (quite normal, I'm told).

They tell us we're about to become part of the sandwich generation -- soon we'll be sandwiched between an aging parent living downstairs and a baby upstairs.  It will be a lot, I'm certain of that.  But somehow it feels right.

So, there you have it.  I've come clean about the latest thing I've encountered in my journey of unknown distance.  Here goes . . .


Anonymous said…
Your sister Becky is my boss and she told me the good news. I have enjoyed your blog since Becky told me you won that contest for your Thanksgiving dinner. I had my only child (a boy) at 40 also and that was 12 years ago. My parents are elderly so I'm sandwiched also! I wouldn't have it any other way. By the way, I adore your sister!
Amy said…
I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and my sister! And it's great to know someone else has done this and survived and thrived. All the best.

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