I've decided there are few things that I like more than a bargain.  My paternal grandmother, Audrey, was a legendary and dedicated garage sale-er . . . perhaps I inherited this gene. In any case, last weekend, I managed to find a couple doozies! 

Honestly, I wasn't even looking for a garage sale, but on my way to water at the p-patch, there it was.   I rescued -- for free -- an entire box of old canning jars, which are perfect to hold dry beans and grains, and, well, other important stuff I need to keep around.

I also bought an entire 20-piece set of flatware for $2.50 -- this will be perfect for camping, picnics, and the like.  I nabbed a working, Sunbeam plug-in ice cream freezer for our friends, who have been lusting after ours all summer.  Serious bargain at $2.00!  And, the ultimate find, a Sears-brand band saw on a stand for $12.50.  Byron is pretty excited to add this to his growing workshop collection of power tools.  It works fine, although it will need a little clean up and maintenance. 

Maybe all my bargains will make up for the full-price maternity clothes I just ordered on line . . .


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