Harbingers of fall

The spiders have arrived.  They are everywhere in my yard.  Which means that I inevitably walk into a new web just about every time I turn the corner.  It's quite unpleasant when you get a web across the face, and then wonder where, exactly, the spider in the web ended up . . . 

Unfortunately, they are showing up inside the house already too.  (This may have something to do with the empty egg sack I found behind one of the toilet tanks.  Argh.)  Good thing I have a new vacuum -- by November, they will be just too big to squish. 

In any case, I always know September is just about here when they appear. Although I find them a bit creepy, I can't help but admire their lovely brown and black markings and appreciate how artistic and resilient they are.  Nomatter how many times I walk through their webs, they immediately rebuild!

For the most part, I think the ones in my yard are European Garden Spiders.

What kind of spiders have you started seeing?


Becky said…
It was a year ago that I found the giant spider in my bathroom. I have the best brother-in-law ever to make a 6:00am house call :)

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