Our house is losing weight

Our house has been a zone of dust, black mold, broken tile, and drywall this week.

We're trying to complete at least half of the basement remodel by October, in preparation for Byron's dad to live with us.  (I know, good luck!) And to get started, Byron took the week off to tear out walls and replace studs in preparation for the next phase: replacing a lot of old plumbing with Pex.

Although I'm not wielding a sledge hammer myself, I'm trying to be helpful by pricing, sourcing, and looking for ways to stay within budget.  My lucky find was a liquidation sale at a local plumbing company where we picked up enough Pex to complete all the plumbing for $20.  I love a bargain!

In all, including the demo of our master bathroom upstairs (plumbing must be replaced there as well and there has been a nasty moldy smell emanating from that room ever since we bought the house), Byron has taken a ton and a half (yes, 3,000 pounds) of junk to the dump.  Bear in mind, a lot of it was broken, moldy tile and drywall, which is heavy stuff.

Demolishing our master bath was definitely the right move, as it turned out the floor had such rot in places near the shower that we can see straight to the basement through the sub floor.  It's a good thing nobody fell through!

Here's a bit of the progress so far.

Downstairs bath before -- well shortly after beginning at least.

And after the walls and tile have been removed.

The master bath before.

Check out the moldy studs around the shower.  It's so rotten it looks like it was burned in a fire!

Master bath after -- same two angles as in the before shots above.


Mom and Dad said…
Hope you guys are wearing masks to work in there. Looks like a formidable job. Dad would probably come up and help at some point. He is almost rested up from the monumental deck renovation. He had a lot of surprised muscles being used. His Vertigo is actually an annoying problem. Sorry I didn't leave any comments before, didn't realize it was so easy. Love mom
Amy said…
Don't worry -- Byron's used a respirator all week. I've stayed away!

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