The shape of things to come

It's satisfying to see important things take shape.  It makes you pause and think about what's happening in life and how it makes you feel.  In this case, very happy and excited.

This weekend, we finally finished the painting and got on with actually setting up the baby's room.  Seeing the curtains at the window and a fuzzy rug on the floor makes me realize that someone is really going to live in this space very soon.

Our concept for the nursery is to keep it pretty simple, in shades of white and tangerine orange, with little bits of peacock blue thown in.

We are also incorporating some sentimental things.  The little blue book case belonged to my mom when she was a girl, passed down to my sister and me, and now to "Grover." Along with it, we have a blue toy box, which belonged to Becky and me.

The glider, while not sentimental, is one we found on craigslist for $40.  The more impressive part is that Byron rebuilt the glider mechanism with skateboard bearings for $15.  I have fabric for new cushions, which will spiff it up a bit and make it more comfortable.

The rug is sheepskin, and it's so soft you just want to lay on it.  I think a baby/toddler will love it -- and love to drool on it too!  A small luxury for a small person, I suppose.

That's as far as we've gotten so far.  

We haven't set up the crib yet, but it's in the works.  We're refurbishing a Goodwill dresser to be a changing table.  Oh, and I'm making a Roman shade for the window.  More pictures when those are put in place.

And speaking of taking shape . . . I am too.

My 25 week self portrait.


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