The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines "serendipity" as "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for . . . "

Quite a few of these have come my way lately, and I wanted to share:

One of my blog readers -- a woman who works with my sister and, I might add, whom I don't think I have every met personally (although she does leave great comments on my blog) -- gave me a darling plum-colored organic cotton onesie and matching thermal blanket for Grover.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity in giving me a gift -- not to mention her color coordination with my blog! It's a special gift that I will treasure, and I know Grover will love how soft it is.  Thanks, Jocelyn.

On Monday, I was walking around Green Lake with my friend, Julie, who mentioned in passing that she was planning to sell her BOB baby stroller now that he daughter is four and a half.  My ears perked up because, not only are used BOBs difficult to find, used BOBs that have been carefully cared for and are in great condition and in a color you want are basically impossible to buy.  Anyway, Julie sold me her stroller with all the extras for a very reasonable price, and she generously threw in a handy stroller pedometer so that Grover and I can keep track of our miles. Although Grover may not be here yet, he already has pretty nice wheels thanks to Julie.

On Wednesday, I found myself downtown doing some errands on foot while my car was serviced at the dealership.  After I'd done everything I had to do, I did a little exploring and stumbled (not literally, don't worry) into the Melrose Market.  What a charming space filled with amazing food, flowers, and more.  (BTW, this is the building where Tamara Murphy is scheduled to soon open her new restaurant, Terra Plata.)  I was a bit hungry -- as always -- and decided to buy myself lunch at Sitka & Spruce, a restaurant I've wanted to try for some time.  They were serving "elevenses and lunch" when I arrived so I cosied up to the communal butcher block table/bar next to the kitchen to watch chef/owner Matthew Dillon and his team at work.  I ordered a green lentil, roasted parsnip, and MacIntosh apple salad.  Let me say that although theses are not ingredients I had ever eaten together before Wednesday, I will most definitely combine them again!  I ate every morsel. 

But the serendipity was not the food, it was the woman I sat next to at the communal table, Paula.  Initially we both said hello so as not to be rude.  Then she offered to share her giant plate of bread and butter with me and asked what brought me to the restaurant that day.  We struck up a really interesting and easy conversation, enjoying each other's company (and the food) for the next hour and a half.  Turns out she's traveled the world as an advertising executive, isn't working anymore due to a disability, has a daughter, is helping a friend with a photography project . . .   I left feeling like I'd made a new friend.  And who knows, I may have.

And then last night, my friend, Cathy, a sonographer, offered to scan me -- well actually, Grover -- just to see what he's looking like these days now that he's 31 weeks old.  Although he kept his little hand and one of his feel directly over his face for much of the evening, he did give us a few glimpses at what he looks like on the 3D ultrasound.  And, no surprise, I think he's pretty cute.  

It was a special treat to be scanned by a friend and get a glimpse at our little one.  He's certainly growing -- according to Cathy's measurements, he weighs five pounds and "has a large head."  Not sure I like the sound of that part . . . 

Any serendipities in your life these days?  Do tell.


Jocelyn said…
No serendipities but I'm glad you liked the blanket and onesie!

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