It's all about the house these days

We're on the home stretch -- and by that I mean we are definitely being stretched by our home.  We will be lucky if we finish the downstairs in time to actually have my father-in-law move into a finished space on November 16.  But we are also nearing the end of this remodel marathon, thank heavens!

The inspections have been a tad stressful, but we are now prepared to close up the walls and ceilings, rip out part of a bearing wall, and then paint and install floor coverings, then fixtures and  appliances follow.  We've lined up some help from friends to frame, paint, and drywall . . . and hired some specialists do some of the installations (including carpet and bath tub surround).  But, it's pretty obvious that finishing by the 16th will be dicey.

Here's some visual proof of our progress so far (take my word for it, it's evidence of progress).
This is one of the spools of wire that has been pulled throughout the basement ceiling and walls-- we've put in more than 1,000 feet of new wiring altogether.

New plumbing and electrical throughout the basement (note Byron's deft use of the "hammer cram," the preferred technique for forcing all outlet wires to miraculously fit inside the receptacle box).

Wiring and insulation for a new kitchen.

The upgraded electrical panel, which includes peanut breakers (almost sounds cute, huh?).

New water supply lines for the kitchen featuring the ominous "shark bite" fittings.
Safety lighting outside the house.

Bathroom fans in all three bathrooms (this involved attic time, much to Byron's chagrin).


Becky said…
impressive! I need to stop by and check it out.
Anonymous said…
Byron should definitely win the prize for "man on a mission". Looks like he is doing a great job and I know what it is like working against a close deadline. Things seem to always take more time and energy than one may think. Kudos to you both. love mom
Amy said…
Thanks, mom. It will take a real miracle for us to have things finished in time. But somehow we're getting closer.

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